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Tower and Communication Services, Inc.
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Tower and Communication Services, Inc is a family owned company that was founded in 1970.  Our company was also incorporated that same year.  Our president and founder is John Hanna, Sr.  Our Vice President, John Hanna, Jr., who started to help his father with the company at a very young age, serves on the board of the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) and we are also one of the founding members.  Mr. Hanna, Jr. has also worked on the Safety and Training Committee since it's inception assisting in the development of safety and training programs.  This experience along with exemplary work ethics and outstanding job performance have enabled us to build a stellar reputation of high quality, long lasting, dependable work.

Safety is one of main concerns at Tower and Communication Services, Inc.  Our feeling is that a job well done is a job safely done.  Our crews are required to use all the current safety equipment and we provide this for them.  Along with other tower erectors, we have assisted OSHA in putting safety regulations in place and helping to revolutionize the tower erection industry.

Tower and Communcation Services, Inc. requires all 11 of our crew members to attend continuing education, safety and learning courses.  Allowing our crews to keep their knowledge current with all the latest equipment and procedures, we can offer our customers the latest installtion procedures for turnkey on broadcast, microwave and wireless antenna systems.  Tower and Communications Services can also construct and install 0 to 2000 foot guy towers, monopoles and self supporting towers from the ground up.

New constructions are the only choice for new sites when no erection has been placed, but when you have an existing erection, it may be easier, more timely and cost efficient to perform modifications.  Tower and Communication Services is highly qualified in the modification field.  Our crews can perform everthing from a dish upgrade mounted on the side of a tower, or antenna extensions mounted atop a tower to diagonal and horizontal change outs using false works such as girdless or temporary framing.

Tower and Communication Services offers fantastic, a reasonalbly priced maintenance program.  These programs are not only for towers we constructed new but also for existing towers.  These can be performed annually, semi-annually or on an as needed basis.  We strive to suit the different needs of our customers.

Tower and Communication Services offers various other services as well.  These include but are not limited to:  land clearing, line, sweeps, foundations, and we are qualified to assist structural engineers with analysis.  We are also very proud of our stobe light systems.  Our technicians are well trained and we maintain, repair and perform new installations of all lighting systems.

Being in business for over 36 years we consider ourselves leaders in the industry.  No job is too large for our team to handle.  Tower and Communication Services, Inc. means just that - Service!