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Broadcast Tower Remote Monitoring Services


Remote Monitoring and Emergency Service

Tower Communication and Services offers manditory 24/7 Monitoring of your tower site required by manditory regulations of the Federal Communciations Commission. 

All critical site functions are fully audited such as remote security and access control, battery levels, tower lighting alarms, air conditioner control, fire & smoke alarms, video and camera control and reports with event Logs.  Your site status can be monitored directly via our web site.

We monitor:

  • Power failures extinguish the tower lights in addition to removing power from the tenant's equipment.  Standby batteries power our monitoring equipment allowing us to continue to monitor the problem.  Once power is restored, we are notified.
  • Strobe Conditions - day, night, red, white, failures, and restorations
  • Beacon Status - on / off, flashing / steady
  • Marker Status - failures and restorations

The reports received by TCS and logged into our database. We maintain full audits of operating equipment, failure and restoration events.  Priority 1 incidents require NOTAMs within 30 minutes of occurrence and generate an immediate notification to the responsible party.

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Please Review FCC and FAA Regulations on Tower Marking and Lighting


Real Time Site Status